Partners for improving and distribution of belt with mechanical splicing system

Tanals is a French independent manufacturer since 1936.

For several years Tanals has forged strong partnerships with its suppliers, and has been developing new solutions for its partners (Gates, Esbelt and BEHAbelt). These new solutions named ERO Joint® are exported through international distribution networks of or main partners.

ERO Joint® splicing and lacing solutions have been developed and manufactured by Tanals (10 patents pending). These solutions are improved and tested in close cooperation with our partners.

Tanals is not intended to export its standard products; we only export ERO Joint® products.
These products are distributed by the commercial and the distributor’s networks of our partners Gates, Esbelt and BEHAbelt.
All requests made to Tanals will be relayed to our partners or to there distributors.


Tanals is the only one “Fabricator” Gates for Polyurethane timing belts in France. Tanals is also PT House Gates in France for rubber belts.

Early 2011, we had develop and patent a process which allows to realize a mechanical fastening system for  PosiClean® et FlatClean FC12™. Gates asked us to develop a similar mechanical joint type (using pins) on Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ in order to have solutions for fast repairing transmissions. We had optimized mechanical fastening ERO Joint® on Poly Chain® GT Carbon™, and invented the ERO Joint® Ultimate solution (patented). Since, these mechanical assembly solutions was tested by Gates and approved.

In 2014, Tanals patented ERO HP Hinge joint, a mechanical assembly solution applied to polyurethane timing belts. The only mechanical assembly solution as strong as a standard belt.


Tanals is a partner of Esbelt in France. In 2011, to bring new lacing solutions to our customers, we had developed and patent the splicing process and mechanical fastening ERO Joint® in all types of conveyor belts. Esbelt, which is interesting by this system, participated to mechanical tests and work in with to the commercialization.


Tanals is the partner of BEHAbelt in France. End of 2012, to expand the range of  mechanical fasteners ERO Joint®, we had developed and patented several new ERO Joint® systems for round belts and V-belts in Polyurethane and Polyester.
These solutions are constantly improved with the participation of Behabelt.