Belts pulleys and sprockets alignment (method and tool)

Gates EZ Align® 

EZ Align logoWith Gates EZ Align® precision laser you can align easier and faster your entire industrial belt drives.

Use powerful reflected laser line technology for maximum angular accuracy on belt drives up to six feet in length.

How to align pulleys and sprockets


  • Increase Belts and Pulleys Lifetime
  • Moderate Belt Vibrations and  Noises  
  • Uses Proven Laser Line Technology 
  • Reduces Machine stop and Energy Costs   
  • Runs with Synchronous and V-Belt Drives 
  • Shows Angular, Parallel and Offset Misalignment   
  • One of the best Accurate Alignment Tool or Method
  • No training Required   
  • A unique person Operation 

Green Colour too! EZ ALIGN® GREEN LASER

  • Ten times brighter   
  • High visibility in brighter light conditions   
  • Remarkable visibility in long distances ( up to 15 ft)   
  • Gates PN 7420-3000 


EZ Align tool EZ Align tool on pulleys


EZ Align caseSelling Points

  • Fast identification of current types of misalignment, including offset, vertical- and horizontal-angle misalignment.
  • The EZ Align transmitter products a small laser line to a reflector placed on the opposite pulley and instantly gives indications offset and vertical-angle misalignment.
  • It automatically reflected back to the transmitter and indicating horizontal-angle misalignment.
  • Runs with all metallic sheaves and sprockets
  • Magnetically attaching to the inner or outer faces of industrial pulleys to give a quick and accurate drive alignment.
  • Incredibly lightweight and simply to use. A unique person can analyze pulley misalignment in few minutes without formation.
  • Deliver with a durable carrying case, so no small part could be lost.


Download EZ Align Manual


Gates Laser AT-1

Laser AT-1 on sprocketsNoises, vibrations, and usury on pulleys, belts and bearings … A stop machine could be caused by improper pulley alignment. It can be avoid by using Gates’ new laser alignment device AT-1.

The standard method to measure misalignment is putting a straight edge up to the pulleys. By using the LASER AT-1, there is a second method much faster and more accurate. Installed in few seconds, the laser line projected on the targets indicates you to quickly ascertain and correct misalignment.

Download documentation Laser AT-1

Laser AT-1
The LASER AT-1 identifies parallel and angular misalignment between pulleys and it can be used for pulley diameters of 60 mm and larger. It can be installed on non-magnetic pulleys with a double sided adhesive tape and used on both horizontally and vertically mounted machines.

  • For V-belts and timing belts
  • Indicates parallel and angular misalignment between the pulleys
  • Faster and more accurate than measuring with current methods
  • Can be used for horizontally and vertically mounted machines
  • A unique person is needed
  • Can be used in non-magnetic pulleys

The Laser AT-1 is rapidly attached. You can facilely see the laser line projection. When the line lies in the slots of the targets, the machine is in the right position. It provides a fast and precise alignment.

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