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Belt replacement and adjustment

(timing belts, flat belts, conveyor belts, round belts, V-belts...)

Below you'll find all the information and maintenance tips for your belts, as well as breakdown analyses and installation procedures for belts from the ERO Joint® range.

Synchronous Timing belts BAT
Chains vs. Timing belts vs. ERO Joint® Timing beltsWhich is the best power transmission system? Chain, timing belt or…
Belt Installation and Rotation DeviceThe BIRD™ (Belt Installation and Rotation Device) tool offers a safe way to…
We offer you a wide range of tools and accessories for welding your BEHAbelt round and V-belts.
DriveAlign® laser alignment tool
When a belt drifts to the right or left, it's a problem of alignment or tension.InstructionsThe joint should be as…
Determining and adjusting the initial tension of PVC, PU and Silicone Conveyor Belts with textile wefts (plies)Conveyor…
With the help of the items below, you'll be able to identify and solve any Belt problems.
How to identify the problem with your V-belt? Obvious warnings can include excessive drive noise, unusual vibrations…

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