New version of ERO Joint® HP Zylon® belts mechanical assembly.


More efficient, more stable under heavy loads and more durable.


Discover the comparison between ERO Joint® HP & Pin Joint.

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Bike with the new ERO Joint® B1 belt

What will the bike look like with the new ERO Joint® B1 belt?


Now you can define flex, welded, endless or ERO Joint® belts that best suits your application for transmission or transport belts.

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The mechanical fastening system ERO Joint® HP (Hinge Pin) for FOOD INDUSTRY is available for pitches H, T10, AT5, AT10, T20, AT20, 8M, 14M, WT10 and WH for all widths above 10 mm with reinforcement Steel, Kevlar or Stainless steel.

Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt® ERO Joint®

the only mechanical fastening system for transmission, now antistatic.