Mechanical tools to tension and fasten timing belts with pins

Our tools was developed, optimized and patented for each configuration depending of pitch, dimensions, type of splice (ERO Joint® or ERO Joint® Ultimate), assembling device (pins or screws) and tensioning option. Each tool is produced regarding the application of our customer, and belts are delivered with the right assembly procedure.

Our tools exists for belts T10, AT10, T20, AT20, 8M and 14M (For every belt width)
Our tools are available for every ERO Joint® mechanical fastening system version:

  • for pins or screws
  • for ERO Joint® or ERO Joint® Ultimate
Basic version: Version
with tensioning system:
Tensioning system only
(for ERO Joint® HP):
Basic fastening tool - ERO Joint® Fastening and tensioning tool - ERO Joint® Tensioning system only (for ERO Joint® HP)

Attaching the belt                             Tension the belt                                 Threading the pins

Attaching the belt          Tensioning the belt           Threading pins into the belt

Video of Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ ERO Joint® assemble with tool:

For example
Procedure for a Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ ERO Joint® with pins

Step 1
Tongue_ERO Joint®

Insert the belt into the machine with continuous strand in front of you (White marks facing you). (The provided tongue makes threading the belt around the pulleys easier.)

Step 2
Belt in jaws

Put the 2 ends of the belt into the both jaws

Step 3
Use tensioning screw

Screw the tensioning screw. Tighten the belt until the alignment of the teeth.

Step 4
Pins in the barrel

Fill the pins into the barrel.

Step 5
Belt with shim

Lock the tool with the central plate. Screw down the front for threading pins to the end.

Step 6

Check that pins do not exceed the edges of belt.