Welding tools for round and v-belt in polyurethane or polyester

Belts are only as good as their splices!

It’s the reason that we offer a large variety of welding tools and accessories to go with the BEHAbelt profiles.

Welding with welding paddle Multi TC, SG02 or SG03
1/ Heat up the paddle on the desired temperature. 2/ Put clamps to the belt ends and align them. 3/ Put the welding paddle between the belt ends. Press on the guide clamp and belt ends. 4/ If a bead of 2-3mm be apparent at the belt ends then open the guide clamp quickly and get the paddle out. 5/ Press the guide clamp, attach it and leave the profile 10min to cool it.









Welding with Friction Welding Machine RS02

Belt welding tool for round belt Fasten the belt in welding tool Adjut speed and pressure Switch on to weld the belt End of the belt welded
1/ Choose and use clamping jaws. 2/ Fix the profile in the centre of the clamping jaws and attach the clamping jaws with an Allen key. 3/ The speed regulation and contact pressure settings depend on the range of the profile. 4/ Turn the machine on and push the shutter button key while the welding process is working. 5/ Turn off when a swelling appears and let the spliced profile 2-3min fixed on the machine before you get the profile out.











    Welding with Hotpress HP01

    Belt in welding mold Belt in welding mold closed Adjust belt welding pressure Launch automatic process to weld the belt Remove burrs from belt
    1/ Put the profile into the mold. 2/ Shut the top of the mold and position it in the press. 3/ Roll the button and close the press. 4/ Push the start button. 5/ At the end, open the machine and get out the profile.







    Overlap welding with FZ03

    Belt welding clamp Belt overlap welding tool Melt belt with welding paddle Close welding clamp Weld the belt
    1/ Choose the clamping pieces and clamping piece lockers. Then put into the FZ03. 2/ Clip belt ends depending of the Z-shape of the welding paddle to the right length and put them overlapping in the FZ003. 3/ Melt the profile. 4/ Take out the welding tool so quick and close the FZ03 again. 5/ Let the profile within the guide clamp to cool it. Take off the overabundance welding particles with the SE02 cutter tool.