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Installation of PosiClean® and FlatClean FC12™ - ERO Joint® belts

The assembly procedure is the same for all belts with textile folds.

Solution d'application de la courroie Posiclean®

Step 1:
To begin assembly, put a little solution in the hole of each finger of the band.
(This solution acts as a lubricant, making assembly easier).

Les doigts de la courroie Posiclean® sont alignés

Step 2:
Then press the connecting fingers of the two ends together without waiting (the lubricant must not dry).

Insertion des tiges de ceinture Posiclean®

Step 3:
Finally, push in the rods, making sure they go through the holes and not under the band, outside the fingers.

We recommend using a board on the band to hold it in place, and vice-grips to push in the rod.

If threading one of the rods proves too difficult, it can be cut off and threaded through the other side of the band or through the middle of the band. This also avoids the need to dismantle the edges if any are present.

Courroie Posiclean® assemblée

Step 4:
Make sure that the rods do not protrude to avoid snagging. Make sure that the pins are well inserted into each tooth.

Wipe away any lubricant spillage.
This lubricant is non-hazardous, non-toxic and FDA-compliant.

The belt can now be tensioned (like a fused belt), adjusted and the conveyor started up.

The solution is a lubricant that will solidify and Glued over time. Not only does this make assembly much easier, it also prevents any slow migration of rods away from the running belt.

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