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Brick industry

The belts used in brick and tile production lines are subject to heavy wear and tear from abrasion, from the materials being transported themselves, and from debris that can get caught under and between belts and pulleys.

Courroie trapézoïdale en Polyuréthane ERO Joint

Polyurethane V-belt

Reduces assembly time from 1.5 hours to 10 minutes

Bande transporteurs ERO Joint pour briques en terre cuite

ERO Joint® PVC Conveyor Belt

This Conveyor Belt is the very first ERO Joint® belt ever made. It was installed on the conveyor in just a few minutes, without disassembly or the use of a heating press. It transports 800kg of bricks.

Courroie T10 PU ERO Joint avec revêtement et guide

T10 PU ERO Joint® + coating + drive guide

Courroie AT20 ERO Joint HP

AT20 ERO Joint® HP Belt for transporting bricks

Courroie AT10 ERO Joint® HP avec tasseaux et fausses dents

AT10 ERO Joint® HP Belt with cleats and false teeth + Brown Sylomer for tile transport

Courroie trapézoïdale ERO Joint 22 x 14

ERO Joint® 22 x 14 V-belt

System used to turn bricks on the production line

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