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ERO Joint® HP for the food industry

Courroies dentées alimentaires à jonction mécanique ERO Joint
Courroies dentées alimentaires à jonction mécanique ERO Joint
Courroies dentées alimentaires à jonction mécanique ERO Joint
Courroies dentées alimentaires à jonction mécanique ERO Joint
Courroies dentées alimentaires à jonction mécanique ERO Joint

The ERO Joint® HP (Hinge Pin) mechanical fastening system for the food industry is available for H, T10, AT10, T20, AT20, 8M, 14M, WT10 and WH pitches, for all widths from 10mm, with steel, Kevlar or stainless steel reinforcement.

The mechanical strength of ERO Joint® HP belts is equivalent to welded belts.

Metal components are in stainless steel. No minimum diameter required.
ERO Joint® HP can be used with all types of guiding.

Note regarding food contact in area ERO Joint® HP:

Top layer (blue) that may come into contact with food:
Blue PU coating in compliance with regulations 1935/2004, 2023/2006 and 10/2011

Migration tests are in accordance with Appendix III Table 2, for dry, moist, acidic, fatty and alcohol-containing products, for 2h at 70°C.

Tests were carried out with simulants A, B and D2 for 2h at 70°C.

The product makes no appreciable change to the organoleptic properties of the food.

The above-mentioned product does not contain any dual-use additives in accordance with regulations (EC) no. 1333/2008 (food additives) and (EC) no. 1334/2008 (flavorings) in their current version.

Bottom layers (transparent) not in contact with food:
Transparent polyurethane constituting ERO Joint® HP non food contact

Global and specific migration tests have been carried out in accordance with regulation 10/2011:

  • for contact with moist products, migration data are below thresholds for 3x2h at 70°C
  • for contact with fatty products, migration data are below thresholds for 2h at 70°C, applying a minimum reduction coefficient of 3
  • after migration testing, residual iso-cyanates are below the regulatory limit
    (This PU is not in contact with foodstuffs. Should there be contact, the migration tests carried out show that there is no danger)

Traction components are in non-food fiber

ERO Joint® HP Pin is in stainless steel 316L without food grade certification

We consider that the top layer acts as a functional barrier within the meaning of article 14 of EC regulation 10/2011 and prevents the migration of constituents from the bottom layers to the food.

As such, food must not come into contact with the bottom layers, and should the top layer be damaged, the article should be replaced.

Note regarding retention areas:

The article contains potential retention areas (cutting of ERO Joint® HP). These potential retention areas should be cleaned regularly.


Quick and easy assembly.

The ERO Joint® HP mechanical fastening system reduces production downtime and optimizes maintenance time.

The mechanical strength and service life of these joints is superior to any other mechanical assembly system.
Tensile strength and elongation are equivalent to welded belts.


Courroie dentée T10 ERO Joint

The Pin Joint mechanical jointing system is more difficult to assemble than an ERO Joint® HP joint.
Mechanical strength is also lower than an ERO Joint® HP joint.

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