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ERO joint® HP timing belts

Courroies à assemblage rapide ERO Joint

Troubleshooting guide for ERO joint® HP timing belts

ProblemProbable causeCorrective action

Junction break

Too much tension

Reducing tension

Junction break

Incident or wear and tear

Junction break

Incorrect rod insertion / misalignment of connecting teeth / belt disassembly

Casse de courroie - vérification de l'état du câble

The photo shows a case where the rod has not been correctly inserted (the connecting cables are not damaged). The possible cause may be misalignment of the junction teeth.
Read the assembly instructions carefully and observe the following instructions:

Montage de courroie ERO Joint - alignement des dents

Do not dismantle the belt (consult us if necessary)!

Difficulty inserting the stem

No lubricant

Using water to aid insertion

Difficulty inserting the stem

Misaligned junction teeth

Correct alignment of connecting teeth

Difficulty inserting the stem

No use of chamfered rod

Use a chamfered rod, or ask us for one

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