Glass production

In the glass and mirror industries, as well as in the manufacture of verandas, there are many applications using conveyor belts, whether for transferring, cutting, washing or butyling machines...

More and more requests are made for mechanically spliced timing belts to save maintenance time and simplify assembly.









Main facilities:



Polyurethane toothed belt + grey polyurethane
on top (Lenhardt Bystronic butylers)




40 AT10 4000 + PU grey + PAZ (fabric on teeth)
+ New version with 5 mm gearing
80 AT10 4000 + PU grey + PAZ
40 AT10 5300 + PU grey+ PAZ


PU timing belt for WASHER

16 T10 1960 + blue nitrile coating + PAZ (fabric on teeth)



Coated PU timing belt

Fishbone, Honeycomb, PVC, Supergrip, white PU, transparent PU, ribbed PU, etc.








ERO Joint® HP polyurethane transmission belt and mechanical assembly for glass plate conveyors














Transfert application

32 AT10 6440 toothed belt + 3mm PU coating with high resistance to abrasion and cutting.
Presence of a PAZ (green polyamide fabric on the teeth) to reduce friction on the gliding sole.

With the ERO Joint® HP assembly, belt maintenance time is reduced from 4 hours to 20 minutes.


Belts for insulating glas lines

Also available belts for glass processing machines Hegla, Busetti, Schatti, Forvet.


Assembly tools

Optional mounting tooling is available to help you replace the belts.


It was designed for Cardinal in the United States and the assembly aid has become essential (time saving and work comfort).