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New Timing belt ERO Joint® HP Zylon®

Courroie ERO Joint ZYLON
Courroie ERO Joint ZYLON
Courroie ERO Joint ZYLON

Fast assembly, as strong as a welded belt.
Since the first patent in 2014, we've been constantly improving ERO Joint® HP.
We've created new versions: with polyamide textile, with antistatic textile, with integrated drive guide, as well as a version for the food industry.
And we've also created tooling to facilitate assembly.

For this new version, we have once again optimized the axes, modified the shape of the assembly teeth, optimized the entire manufacturing process to gain in quality, created cable jumps to improve width cutting, and above all we are replacing the original cables with Zylon® (the polymer fiber with the highest tensile and bending strength).


Operating data

Manufacturing standard: Polyurethane 90 shore A light grey
Cables: A polymer cable wrapped around the pin in each tooth
Belts width : All widths from 6 to 1800mm


Pitch 8M T10 AT10 H 14M T20 AT20 AT5 T5
Version v1 Zylon Zylon v1 v1 v1 Zylon v1 v1
Min. pulley Ø (mm) 51 44 47 56 124 95 115 23 16
Min. pulley Ø (tooth) 120 80 120 79 200 120 180 60 30
Permissible tension force ERO Joint HP (N/25mm) 1871 1202 2213 970 1900 1900 3456 970 687
Permissible tension force for aramid belts 1313 798 1313 810 1136 1313 1313 908 687
Permissible tension force steel belts 1871 954 1871 970 2578 1871 2930 880 420
Maximum plate width (except food) (mm) 150 300 300 150 150 150 300 100 100

ERO Joint® HP Zylon® cable

Pitch available with Zylon cable: T10 - AT10 - AT10V - AT20

  • Tensile modulus higher than Carbon and 3x higher than before
  • 80% higher tensile strength than carbon and previous fiber
  • No creep (previous fiber had 4x less creep than Kevlar)
  • 30% more adhesion on our PU ERO Joint® HP

Teeth width:
from 2,273mm to 1,785mm

1.785 2.273
16 9 7
25 14 11
32 18 14
50 28 22
75 42 33
100 56 44

old version VS new version

ERO Joint Zylon

from 2mm to 1.6mm
65mm long machined straight pins
(can be supplied in belt width)

Tige jonction courroie Zylon

Cutting lines:
16, 25, 32, 50, 100,..

Lignes de coupe courroie Zylon

from 150 (or 200) to 300mm
New PU injection process → better quality

Moule d'injection Zylon


ERO Joint HP® replaces any welded belt with ultra-fast installation.
The Zylon version is even more efficient, more stable under heavy loads and more durable.

ERO Joint® HP is a patented mechanical splicing solution for polyurethane belts. A hinge pin with a single stainless steel rod is used to close the belt.
ERO Joint® HP is produced in sheets from 100 to 300 mm wide, cut to size and welded to the base belt.
Belts are available with steel, aramid, HF or stainless steel Cords, with all types of coating, machining and guiding system.

The admissible tractive strain and service life are similar to those of welded belts.

We can supply finished belts, as well as plates that can be welded to polyurethane belts of any brand (with the same melting parameters as the belts).


Jonction à spirales

Spiral joints

Mechanical spiral joints are as easy to assemble as an ERO Joint® HP joint, but their mechanical strength is very low.

Courroie dentée T10 ERO Joint

Pin Joint

The Pin Joint mechanical jointing system is more difficult to assemble than an ERO Joint® HP joint.
Mechanical strength is also lower than an ERO Joint® HP joint.

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