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Mechanical fastening ERO Joint SK® in round and V-belts

Courroie ronde ERO Joint SK
Découpe de courroie ronde ERO Joint SK
Courroie ronde ERO Joint SK dénudée
Courroie ronde ERO Joint SK faire un noeud
Fusion de courroie ronde ERO Joint SK
Courroie trapézoïdale ERO Joint® SK

ERO Joint® joining systems for round and V-belts are available in Polyurethane and Polyester belts from 6mm diameter (or 10x6 profile).

The assembly is made by a simple knot. Polyurethane round and V-belts ERO Joint® SK are suitable for power transmission or for transport. In all cases, the mechanical solution ERO Joint® SK is composed by a traction cord to provide the required mechanical resistance (more resistant than any welded belts). 

Furthermore, with a soldering iron and a U spare paddle, it is possible to weld the sheath to have continue external surface. 

ERO Joint® SK is available in rolls or pre-cut to length.



Quick and easy assembly. With the ERO Joint® SK solution, you reduce intervention time and production downtime.

ERO Joint® SK solution is durable and highly resistant to mechanical stress.
The minimum winding diameter is preserved.


Assembla de courroie ronde creuse faible tension

Hollow round belts

Hollow round belts with connector can only be used for very low mechanical resistance.

Outillage de jonction ERO HP

On-site splicing (with tooling)

Round belts can be spliced and welded directly on your production site, using specific tooling that complies with splicing and welding procedures.

With mechanical fastening system ERO Joint® you will reduce considerably costs, particularly for belts with high dimension and belts with tensile reinforcement.

Thanks to this new lacing technology, production costs are significantly reduce and the downtime too.

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