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New lacing technology for food conveyor belt (PosiClean®...)

EroJoint WT
Bande transporteuse à jonction mécanique Posi Clean
Bande transporteuse à jonction mécanique Posi Clean
Bande transporteuse à jonction mécanique Posi Clean

The mechanical fastening system ERO Joint® can be used in all types of conveyor belt over 1mm thick.

The assembly is made by threading of 3 transversal pins (stainless steel or polyacetal pins)

The ERO Joint® splice is integrated directly into the belt, without modifying the belt's upper structure, width or color.
Tensile Kevlar cord can be embedded in the Polyurethane on request.

Using ERO Joint® belts gives you complete freedom and flexibility: no special tools or welding procedures to comply with, no deburring and no risk to miss the welding. ERO Joint® conveyor belts are fast and easy to assemble.


Quick and easy assembly.

With the ERO Joint® solution, you reduce intervention times and production downtime.

The mechanical joint system ERO Joint® keeps the minimal diameter of the belt and is compatiblewith conveyor belts scrapers. 

Mechanical fastening system ERO Joint® is a durable solution.

ERO joints can be modified (lengthened) to increase their mechanical strength.
ERO Joint® belts are manufactured in our workshops to the required length, using a patented process.


Assemblage par rivets

Fastening solution

A conveyor belt may be assembled with plastic hinge fasteners, but whatever the joining method used, conveyor belts with mechanical system ERO Joint® will have a longer lifespan.

The mechanical joint fastening systems ERO Joint® keep the thickness and the structure of belt on the top surface. 

The ERO Joint® splicing system also reduces the risk of microbial contamination compared with other types of fastening.

Assemblage Posiclean

PosiLace™ lacing solution

The ERO Joint® mechanical joining system does not alter the thickness and upper structure of the belt.
Compared with ERO Joint®, the PosiLace™ splice is not compatible with scrapers.

In addition, the ERO Joint® prevents the elongation effect at the splice.

Assemblage sur site

On-site welding

Conveyor Belts can be welded on site by using a high-temperature press. However, this requires to buy a hot press or pay a maintenance intervention.

This type of operation takes at least 3 hours.

In contrast, ERO joint® mechanically assembled conveyor belts can be assembled in just 15 minutes. This system saves considerable maintenance time and reduces production costs.

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