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Tire industry

With the ERO Joint® solution, you no longer need to call in a subcontractor to assemble your belts and Conveyor Belts, or to weld them on site.
The ERO Joint® mechanical splicing system enables you to replace your belts without having to dismantle the axes and protective covers of your machines, or even master the welding process.

We take care of your production and your products. A specific rubber belt cleaning process approved by tire manufacturers guarantees that there is no pollution of the rubber being transported, and therefore no disruption to vulcanization.

Machine de fabrication du pneu Tiretech Group

In the tire industry, our two solutions, ERO Joint® HP and ERO Joint® WT, have demonstrated numerous benefits, such as reduced downtime costs and increased maintenance efficiency at every stage of tire production.

Courroie dentée large ERO Joint® WT avec revêtement PAZ

ERO Joint® WT wide Timing belt with PAZ coating and longitudinal splice (Photo Michelin)

We can offer this solution from widths of 100 to 1600 mm, on T10 and H pitches as standard.
This mechanical splice for wide timing belts uses 3 flat pins inserted directly on the back of the belt to quickly close the belt.

Courroie dentée 325 WT10 7500 ERO Joint® WT pour le transport de caoutchouc / process de vulcanisation

Timing belt 325 WT10 7500 ERO Joint® WT for rubber conveying / vulcanization processes

Assembled in the same way as the previous Belt, the production conditions are the same.

Courroie large 550 WT10 5820 ERO Joint® WT

550 WT10 5820 ERO Joint® WT wide belt with longitudinal drive guide

Installation and manufacturing conditions are the same as for the first Belt. In addition, the belt is cleaned using a specially approved process to prevent contamination of the rubber being conveyed.

Bande feutre ERO Joint® - Process de calandrage

ERO Joint® felt belt - Calendering process

We can install ERO Joint® on virtually any type of polyurethane, PVC or felt conveyor belt. In this way, you benefit from rapid assembly without the need for staples, which can damage the product being conveyed.

Widths from 100 to 3000 mm.

Courroie ERO Joint® HP à montage rapide

ERO Joint® HP quick-fit belt

ERO Joint HP is available in T5, AT5, H, T10, AT10, T20, AT20, 8M and 14M pitches. Widths from 7 mm to 300 mm (and more on request).
Mechanical strength is particularly high thanks to Cords reinforcement.

Courroie large 180 WT10 4730  ERO Joint® HP

180 WT10 4730 ERO Joint® HP wide belt with back grinding for rubber conveying. Vulcanization process

Same conditions as above.

Outillage de tension et assemblage de courroie

Belt tensioning and assembly tools for small center distances and installations without tensioning systems.

To facilitate assembly, we offer a full range of tools.

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